Stronger Warrior Hardship Program

The Stronger Warrior Hardship Program’s main purpose is to help those service members that have been wounded or have suffered disabilities from combat related service. This program aims to relieve the financial burden that may come with these injuries. The Stronger Warrior Foundation is dedicated to helping those Warriors in need by financially supporting handicap accessible additions to homes, vehicles, and any other necessities that are needed.


Stronger Warrior Scholarship Fund

The Stronger Warrior Scholarship Fund is dedicated to helping active service members, retired service members, and spouses or children of deceased service members obtain an education through college or trade school. Scholarships are given based on financial standing of the student, cost of tuition, and the amount of funds the organization is able to give.


Sponsor a Warrior Program

The Sponsor a Warrior Program is built around the premise of sending care packages to active duty or reserve service members who are deployed.

You can choose to sponsor a warrior (1) directly from home or (2) at one of our upcoming events.

To also support this program you can (1) donate money to this specific program or (2) donate items and goods from our recommended donation list.