Step 1: Chose How to Sponsor

You can participate in the sponsor a warrior program by either sponsoring a warrior at an upcoming event or or organizing one for your organization, team, or group.

Step 2: Crate Personalization

Each crate that our organization sends is 100% hand built in the USA by our staff and is either decorated by you at an event or by us if you decide to sponsor from home. Each crate is then filled with hand selected items by our organization.

Step 3: Video Message

Each box has a specific code on it that will allow you to upload a personalized video message to our website from yourself or group. Once your Warrior receives their crate they will be able to view this personalized video message on our website. When you sponsor at an event you can take your video at the event or from any location after you have decorated the crate.

Step 4: Shipping

No surprises here, we take care of all of the shipping and handling and your crate is on its way to your Warrior.