Plan Your Fundraiser

Before creating your event on CrowdRise you need to make sure you have made plans for your event. If you’re holding an event for your fundraiser, basic planning involves establishing the type, the date, and the location of your event/fundraiser. If its your first time hosting an event/fundraiser and you need some help getting started, make sure to checkout our fundraiser checklist below.


Create Your Fundraiser

Once you have done enough planning, you can create your fundraiser on CrowdRise. Once you create your fundraiser you will gain access to your own unique fundraising page where you will be able to show off your fundraising progress, descriptions of your fundraiser, and why this cause matters to you.


Host Your Fundraiser

The best part of the process. Make sure to check out our FAQ to answer any questions you may have. If you can’t find your question on this page please reach out to us!