Register Your Event With Our TEAM

In order to make sure our organization has built crates and availability, all organizations, teams, and groups must first register their planned Sponsor a Warrior Program Event. The main info needed is event location, event date, event time, and fundraising goal. Each $45 raised equals one crate for the event. (Example: $900 raised = 20 crates for the event). After Registering your event our team will quickly get back to you to confirm your event.


Create Fundraiser on Crowdrise

Once you have registered your event and its been confirmed by our team you can make a fundraising page for your organization, team, or group on CrowdRise. As explained above, the amount of crates sponsored at your event will depend on the amount of funds raised via CrowdRise.


Host the event

On the day of the event our team will make sure all the crates are delivered to the location of the event along with all tools needed to personalize the crates. Make sure the location is suitable for the event and crate decorating such as painting.

*Our organization can currently only support events in Michigan.