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Operation Community Warrior

Operation Community Warrior is the Stronger Warrior Foundations DIY fundraising initiative that allows yourself and others in the community to raise funds through your own creative events and fundraisers.

What Does Operation Community Warrior Mean?

Operation Community Warrior stands for those in our community that will stand and provide for our nations Warriors. We are in search of Warriors in our community that are ready to raise awareness and funds for our nations Warriors while also creating community building events that coincide with our mission, values, and vision.

Best for: Organizing a 5K, Golf Outings, Gala’s, or any Fundraisers taking place at a physical location.

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SWEAT4ourVETS allows you to compete in your favorite races or attempt the most daunting feats and also raise money for the Stronger Warrior Foundation. This fundraising initiative is explicitly for individuals or teams of athletes who are ready to push themselves for our cause but also have a great time while doing it. All funds raised in this campaign go directly to the Adaptive Warrior Program.

What kind of Events?

No race or feat is too small or too big. Whether its a 5K or you’re competing in a self planned unsupported run across the United States you are helping raise money for a great cause and bringing awareness to our mission.

Best for: Athletes competing in endurance races, self planned physical feats, and World Record attempts.

Facebook Fundraiser

Raise money for the Stronger Warrior Foundation via your Facebook profile. This is the easiest way to fundraise for us because all it takes is just one click of a button! (It’s right there. Just click it already).

Best For: Everyone. Literally everyone.