Operation Community Warrior FAQ

Q: Can I use the Stronger Warrior Foundation Logo while marketing?

A: Absolutely! We will supply marketing materials and downloadable logos upon request. The only restriction is using our logo(s) illegally or any way that negatively portrays our mission, values, and vision.

Q: Can I accept donations in the form of check and cash at my physical fundraising event?

A: Yes. Not all donations need to be made on the website. You have 60 days concluding the fundraiser to mail all checks to our business address. All cash donations can either be converted to our site by you or you may also send a check to our business address. We go by the honor system!

Q: Can I hold an event that requires selling Tickets?

A: Yes. On CrowdRise you do not have this capability but we highly recommend using another platform such as Eventbrite. Another option is paying entry or attendance fees at the event with either cash or check. Either option works, just be clear on what method will be used with your audience in your fundraising page description.

Q: Can I make a facebook event to help promote the fundraiser?

A: Absolutely, we highly recommend it!

Q: I’m running in a marathon, can i raise money for Stronger Warrior Foundation through Operation Community Warrior?

A: Through Operation Community Warrior no, but you can through our fundraising initiative called Sweat4ourVets. Sweat4ourVets is a dedicated campaign for those that are competing in races or physical feats that want to raise money for our cause in the process.

Q: Where does the money from Operation Community Warrior go?

A: All funds raised by Operation Community Warrior are disbursed throughout our whole organization or wherever it may be needed most. Sponsor a Warrior fundraising goes directly to that program while Sweat4ourVets donations go directly into the Stronger Warrior Hardship Program.

Sponsor a Warrior Fundraising FAQ

Q:How long will it take to know if our event is confirmed?

A: Our team will respond to all event registrations within 72 hours.

Q: Can our teams event be at our organizations office?

A: Absolutely! These events can be held anywhere, just so as long its a setting that your organization or team will be able to decorate and personalize crates.

Q: What kind of painting supplies are used?

A: We supply Acrylic paint along with different sized paint brushes at the event. Feel free to bring your own paint and decorating supplies if you wish!

Q: What do I put for campaign name on CrowdRise?

A: For campaign name under the Sponsor a Warrior Fundraiser you will want to put your organization, team, or group so we can see your progress on CrowdRise leading up to your event date. Plus you’ll get to show off how awesome your organization, team, or group is at fundraising.

Q: Can we have more crates at our event that able to raise money for?

A: Yes. They will just have to be paid for by attendees or by those who intend on sponsoring the extra crates.

Sweat4ourVETS FAQ

Q: What kind of events can I raise money through? Only marathons?

A: Literally anything! Marathons, 5K’s, ultra-marathons, Spartan races, Tough Mudders, other physical feats, and etc. The sky’s the limit!

Q: What does the money raised through this campaign go towards?

A: All money that is raised through the SWEAT4ourVETS fundraising initiative goes directly towards the Stronger Warrior Hardship Program. This is a grant based program that provides financial assistance to Veterans for adaptive living accommodations.

Q: Whats the difference between Operation Community Warrior and Sweat4ourVets?

Operation Community Warrior is a fundraising initiative that is based on organized fundraisers that are in the form of an event. SWEAT4ourVETS is a fundraising initiative that encourages athletes to raise money during their participation in 3rd party races or physical events.